Living on a prayer

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Last year, my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. And no, she’s never smoked in her life. Besides, the doctor said, it wasn’t that type of lung cancer. Yup, you get different types of all cancer.

The diagnosis suddenly made me alert to how many people around me have cancer. People I know, new people I meet,  some in treatment, some post treatment. Many more than used to be the case 20, 30 years ago.

Then I started thinking about the staggering amount of children suffering from autism, ADHD and allergies.

And I thought about obesity, childhood and adult, and type 2 diabetes.

I believe this is the cumulative result of our modern lifestyle. We eat too much and exercise too little. We eat too much junk and processed food and fat and sugars and the colourants and additives and E’s.

Our meat and eggs and fresh produce are laced with antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, insecticides and who knows what else! Lots of these added extras are carcinogenic.

‘According to a report from World Health Organization (WHO), 35% of carcinogenic substances are derived from food and drinks, and 30% are from smoking as the second rank.’

We are also constantly exposed to  radiation (think X-rays, cell phones, remote control and wireless devices, and sorry, I do not fully trust micro wave ovens either.) And while each individual exposure might not be enough to cause cancer, or other serious health issues, what is the cumulative effect? Over 5 years, and 10 years, and 20 years?

We now know that plastic, like plastic water bottles and food containers, gives off carcinogenic toxins when it warms up. And aerosol containers, and aluminium and many other household products are carcinogenic. And while cigarette packets must carry a clearly visible health warning, these other products don’t. Why not?

And why not pose extra taxes and duties on these products to discourage people from buying them, and to subsidise the eventual cost to the country and the economy when people get sick as a result of the use of these products?

So to summarise:

Smoking kills.

Eating kills.

Drinking water kills.

Breathing kills.

Salud! Here’s to a long life. Gesondheid.

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I guess we cannot escape from ourselves.

I guess everyone has a balancing act to play.

Our modern lifestyle lets us communicate so much, do so much, experience so much.

Our life can be more fulfilling than in the past. We do, however, sometimes forget how fragile our existence is but are reminded in our hour of need just how deep the beauty and kindness of nature, animals and humans can be. We take stock, and find a love deeper than we may ever have seen. That lasts forever…

Hi Riani,
please can you tell me how your Mum is doing as I am a friend on Facebook and have missed her(and others do too) We left messages for her to read or if anyone knows how she is doing to let us know!Please tell her to get better soon!
I love your stories by the way! Thanks for your time
Tina, UK

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